Hey Gang!  It’s been entirely too long since our last post.  Embarrassingly long actually.  Part of that time was spent visiting our oldest daughter in college while she is studying in The Netherlands.  We had an amazing time visit her.  We spent several days in The Netherlands, two days in Germany, and a day trip to Belgium.


So, what did we get from the trip besides the opportunity to see our daughter?  Well, in short, we got a lot from the trip.

  • Let’s start with the 75 miles that we walked.  YES, 75 miles walked in 8 days…not kidding, our phone apps kept track.  Sore feet!
  • We also learned about another way of life, which ever so ironically, plays into the RV life.  We witnessed minimalism in bulk (pardon the pun).  Everywhere, almost everyone lives a modest lifestyle.  They could be wealthy, but their possessions would be minimal.  Never a need for a Walmart in Europe.  These guys bought quality items only as a must.  Their houses looked like a weekend camp set up.  A couch, bookshelf, small tv (usually smaller than in the RV), a bed, single dresser, small closet, etc.  Their yards were small and manicured, usually with ornate topiary trees.  It was absolutely amazing.
  • We saw several permanent campgrounds full of RV’s.  Several photos of those to be included.  Many of them have those heavy duty canvas enclosures for a “porch”, and several had something resembling a hard tarp over the top.  (see pics)
  • No bubble wrap.  If you have kids, you know what I am talking about.  It’s the helicopter parents.  Not that they didn’t care for them very well, they just didn’t go to great lengths to be over-protective.  We saw the best park with a stream running through it.  There was a floating, and wobbling, platform with no railings that the kids would use a rope to pull themselves across the stream.  No safety whatsoever.  No locking gate to access…nothing.  Kids were taught early to know their limits and they stayed within them.  On the adult side, there were no warning labels.  No packaging letting you know to take the pizza out of the plastic wrapper before putting it into the oven.  It gave us a calm sense of responsibility…..until William looked up the eviction laws.


Shelley returned with a new sense of motivation to what we like to call, “HIT BRICKS”.  A sense of readiness to experience all that live has to offer.  A sense of simplicity.


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