Camp Lodging

Our current weekend home is Osage Beach RV Park at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.  Yes, this is where the popular Netflix series “Ozark” is filmed.  We spend our working week in Kansas City, running a real estate and property management company.  The rest of our time, we hustle down to our Open Range travel trailer at the lake for peace and serenity.

In our future, 2018 is the goal, we will travel the country, exploring all that America the Beautiful has to offer and share that with you….our friends and fellow campers.

Along this venture, we intend to boondock often, using sites like Campendium and Harvest Host to find new backdrops for our RV, for the night, week, or longer.

Once on the road, we are seriously considering a membership with Thousand Trails.  If you have some feedback to share with us, we would be interested to hear more.  For those wondering, they have more than one campgrounds offering a limited stay, but the ability to use all of the campgrounds in your selected zone(s).

Camp Gear

Gearing up for a nice campfire sure is easier with the help of the Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet.   Excellent for limbs, yet sharp enough to split.  At barely over one pound, it’s still ideal for backpacking.

Camp Cooking

Cooking with the Instant Pot has been a dream.  It’s a crockpot on steroids!  It combines everything you would do with a crock pot and adds in the speed of a pressure cooker.  We’ve made the most tender ribs in 45 minutes.

Tired of that RV oven burning the bottom of almost everything?  We’ve got a solution.  We use a baking stone that we place inside of the oven to help dispurse the heat and not burn the bottom.  It’s saved tons of entrees and dozens of cookies.

Mornings still aren’t complete without our creature comfort from the house….the Keurig coffee maker.  Barely more space than a traditional coffee maker and a lot more convenient.

Camp Attire

Okay, Okay…yes, the name of this blog is ThePlaidShirt.  Well, that comes with a story.  William and Shelley are from the midwest.  You know, good ol’ boy country.  Where the typical attire could be a plaid shirt and jeans.  Well, we took it a step futher.  Our property management company is called, Plaid Management.  Why you might, or should, ask?  Well, plaid shirts evoke a symbol of wholesome people with integrity, and that is how we have tried to build our real estate company.  The rest of the story is that William wears a plaid shirt about 364 days a year.  With that said, at 6’4″, tall plaid shirts are preferred, and Eddie Bauer plaid shirts are some of the best.


Outdoor Essentials

Our boondocking couldn’t be simplier without having the Champion Generator.  We sprung for a quiet edition with enough to power an A/C, fridge and essentials, while still giving us the option to run on gas or propane.

Four Legged Necessities

Our eleven year old dachshund is marginally amused at the camper idea.  Nevertheless, he is still searching for some of his necessity items on Amazon and plans to get back to you after his nap.