I believe that this is a question that many people that travel in their RV will ask on a regular basis.  It should be one of the more exciting questions that runs through your mind.   William is drawn to rivers and mountains, and I am drawn to mountains and oceans.   Where does your Road Lead?

Let’s start with Spring…….I like it to call it the awakening.  If you are from Missouri, like we are,  it is the awakening of pollen!  The sneezing and watery eyes that go with it, is added for your pleasure.

This is the season that William & I will search for adventures that are not weighted down with pollen and seasonal allergies.  The first thing that comes to William’s mind is Colorado, with side trips to Utah and Wyoming.  We both love the state of Colorado, and have visited many times.  Knowing the weather can be tricky in the spring, will most likely limit where we pull the RV.

I lean more towards the coast of the Carolina’s, not that I have been there, but do feel it is in a great location for weather for that time of year.  The bonus of getting to the Carolina’s is that you have to travel through The Smoky Mountains, and The Appalachians.   We would love to have readers input on this one!

Both locations would bring ample opportunity for great sightseeing and outdoor activities.  Spring is the time to brush the cobwebs off the outdoor equipment, grab some extra tissues, and set off on the next adventure.

Please share with us, where you like to spend your spring season!

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