William and Shelley Robison, are your typical 40-somethings, living the American life, both born and raised in the Midwest, and have their own family of three children.  This blog is about their lifestyle changes, reaching their 40’s and living their dreams.

William and Shelley have a blended family.  William with two daughters, Shelley with a son.  As of 2017, the two girls are in college, one at home, and one currently studying abroad.  The youngest is enjoying his senior year of high school.

William and Shelley currently own and operate an investment real estate company in the Kansas City market.  Ironically, their  property management company is called Plaid Management…more on that later.

After a decade of blissful marriage, the kids no longer occupy 120% of their weekends at the ball fields.  The kids are developing wings and making their own lives.  William and Shelley bought their first RV in 2016, with the intent to spend weekends travelling the midwest for relaxation.

A review of the blog will share stories of their plans and eventual departures onto the scene of the full-time RV working nomads, traveling and witnessing America, likely doning Plaid Shirts.

So, without further ado, why The Plaid Shirt.  Developing an investment real estate company in the midwest and characterizing themselves as the honest real estate company, yet, wanting to develop a sense of connection, Plaid became the identity.  You see, Plaid shirts are associated with wholesome people, like John Wayne.  They live simply, their hardworking, and they have an honest work.  (Think opposite of the slick car salesman in a suit).

Further along, Plaid Management developed a reputation as an honest company to manage your rental real estate in Kansas City.  In 2017, they manage just over 300 properties and continue growing today.

As William and Shelley venture to the next stage of life, their intent, as shared through this blog, will be the full-time RV lifestyle, while still working, nomadically.

Last but certainly not least, so, do they really wear plaid shirts….well, the short answer is Yes.  The long answer is a bit compulsive. You see, William has just a smidge over 100 plaid shirts in the closet, all of which are justified.  Spring Plaid, Summer Plaid, Fall Plaid, Winter Plaid, fishing Plaid, working Plaid, dress Plaid…you get the idea.  As for Shelley, yes, just not as, well, many, but she makes up for it in shoes (ladies).