Dreams play just as important of a role in this process as do the plans.  At least that is what we believe will get this job done, but in reality, we do know better.  The job of transitioning to a full-time RV lifestyle requires tons of planning and some dreamin’.  Let’s dream a plan for a moment.

Many of those dreams include where we will go, beyond just what we will do, where we will land has many important features and decisions to be made.  Factoring for family get-togethers, meeting with fellow full-timers at events, and achieving work related travel needs, there are important considerations for us to plan where, when.  Our issue is that everything sounds appealing.

In this series, we will focus a part to each season.  These plans will be added to, changed, adjusted, molded, and otherwise scratched and started over, but we share the conversation with you….for your experience and input.

We’ve had conversations about spending spring and fall at our current, permanent campground, Lake of the Ozarks, in mid-Missouri.  But, I can see this changing.  We love the place.  Lots of great fishing, lake side restaurants, great neighbors, close to family, but…..America has so much to see and experience.

Beyond this, the obvious, Summer in the North/mountains, and winters in the South.  To be very frank, we are excited to open this conversation and get some feedback from fellow full-timers.

Options for the South in the winter are basically South Texas, Florida and Southern Arizona.  Shelley and I talked about this over the weekend and quickly threw out Texas. Maybe because we are naive, but just don’t have much interest there.  Shelley likes the beach.  I’m not a fan.  I prefer streams and rivers, with mountains, even better.  Arizona is dry, and one of my major escapes is humidity.

Summers are full of options across the North or the mountains.  Colorado is a top choice for me, as is Wisconsin, Minnesota,  and Michigan is a top choice for Shelley, then Oregon and Washington sound like good options.  One year, I would love to spend a summer in Alaska.

Spring and fall open a large dose of mid-America options, more than we should even introduce.  Smoky mountains are high on this list.  Im still a big fan of Colorado. Southern Utah with Moab and other options is worth a consideration.

If you have thoughts or suggestions to share, please leave us a comment below.  We would live to interact.

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