It goes without saying, siting by a campfire, or lying in the hammock, staring at a sunset, or just hangin’ around the campground is relaxing.  Maybe too relaxing, but hey, we’re willing to try it….full-time.

Life, as business owners, bombards us with needs on a regular, well actually, constant basis.  Staff, customers, stakeholders, children, spouses, family….well, you get it.  Ultimately, work life is the American disease.  Work/Life balance is a challenge, even for the simplest situations.

So, what better way to relax than in the comfort of the outdoors.  We all know and are puzzled by the fact that watching a campfire is mesmerizing.  Starry nights, the calm of nature, the joy of friendly neighbors.  It’s all a part of the draw.  No hotel, regardless of it’s status or class, can beat the effects of a nice campsite.

So, combine working with these attractively sought after campgrounds, and one has a recipe for a successful therapy.  No counselors or medications needed.  The sleeping pills, that help you fall asleep, get replaced by the sounds of nature.  If all Americans were to sell their house and move into a campground, A)  I would be very excited to sell a LOT of real estate, but I don’t know who I would sell it to, and B) the need for therapists would arguably dwindle.

So, if life throws you a curve ball too many, grab your gear, drive on past the therapists office, and head immediately to the nearest campground!  That means YOU.

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