Yup, its September 10th, 2017, and the adventure begins.   It actually began early 2016, when investment real estate company owners, William and Shelley, bought their first RV. For more about their background, visit the About Us page.

Originally, the RV, a new 2016 Open Range Roamer travel trailer was bought to travel the midwest on weekends for brief escapes from the pressures of running  a company.  Years had gone into wishing, hoping, dreaming of the RV life, and finally, it had arrived.

William, an investment real estate guy, crunched the numbers, constantly showing Shelley that they were better and cheaper to stay in nice hotels each weekend, but the draw of nature kept calling.

Three RV shows, dozens of visits to dealerships, countless hours of conversations, they did it.  They bought a camper.  The F-350 merely preceeded the purchase by a few months for work purposes.

First adventures, a run to nearby Lake of the Ozarks for a weekend, then another short trip here and there, woke up one morning to a dusting of late spring snow, a trip to an ATV rally, trips to destination small towns in Iowa and Arkansas.  The new car smell had barely started to fade….

Get off work on Friday, drive, set-up, enjoy, breathe, take down, drive, storage, home.  Work Monday.  This was great, for many months, and still could be, but they wanted more.

William eventually convinced Shelley to park it for the rest of the season at a Lake of the Ozarks RV Park.  This was July 2016.  The season ran until the end of October.  By that fall, with no more set-up, take down, storage trips, Shelley was hooked with the permanent location.  Sure, any time they desired, they could hook back up and travel to another destination, but to date, still have not.

Now, 2017, two kids in college, one in later years of high school (you know the years, they don’t want to hang out anymore), the RV has been parked back at the same site at Osage Beach RV Park.

Each weekend, the dream continues, how can we stay here and not go “home”.  Trust us, we have a nice house, back in Kansas City, but the life is a demand.  The dream is alive, the discussions are daily, and the dream is taking shape.

Follow our blog as we go from typical 40-somethings, enjoying a empty nest that is within reach, and planning our life adventures from the road.  We will develop new sources of income, upgrade the RV, sell nearly everything with the house, and HIT THE ROAD, yes, doning Plaid Shirts.

We look forward to seeing you….

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